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Developers How-to: All about the 2010 Ribbon Development


‚ÄčIn this session you will learn how to customizing the 2010 ribbon by adding new ribbon buttons, groups tabs and contextual tabs.
You will understand how the ribbon gets generated; discuss the architecture and objects that are involved in working with the ribbon.
You will get a better insight that will help you understand how to work with and design ribbon based solution like web parts, features and other customizations.
We will cover all of the available options for customizing the ribbon starting with features, through manually injecting ribbon elements in runtime on the server side.
We will cover basic ribbon-page integration, and end with lazy load ribbon that uses client side API and asynchronous calls to render a light weight ribbon that gets generated on demand on the client side.
This session is really end to end guide for developers on the new, perhaps most exciting UI feature SharePoint 2010 has to offer: the ribbon.


300: Intermediate


Microsoft Room (International A)


10:30 AM to 11:45 AM


Shai Petel

Speaker:Full Name

Shai Petel






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